The State of Fintech Investment in Latin America – 2018

Fintech investment in Latin America has been rising steadily and reliably over the last five years. In the past year alone, Fintech deals increased by a huge 20% within the region, raising US$600 million in 2017, and funding for this sector has grown a whopping 12.5 times between the years of 2014 and 2016. Naturally, […]

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ecommerce payment solutions

E-Commerce Payment Solutions in Latin America – 2018 List

The Latin America payments landscape is very different from the US market. There are 19 countries and each country has a different variations. Only 30% of consumers across the region have credit cards that is because of high credit standards of banks. International credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and American Express that are enabled for […]

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ICO Review: COV Covesting Platform for Asset Managers and Investors

Cryptocurrency market cap crossed 200 billion USD, which is more than market value of US based Citibank Reuters reported. This new record value was reached, as pioneer of cryptocurrency Bitcoin hit a record high of $7,500 USD. Although cryptocurrency has been around since 2009, 2017 is the year that ignited the cryptocurrency market. The sector […]

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mobile banking

Mobile Banking: Mobile First Approach Increases Customer Loyalty

Consumers are leading the transformation from the traditional offline experience to a more enhanced digital user experience. With the widespread popularity of smartphones and fast spreading convenience of the mobile banking applications, customer behaviors are shifting towards a mobile first experience. Banks are left with the challenge of finding the best and most complete solution […]

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blockchain reputation system

A Peer 2 Peer Blockchain Reputation System For Travel

  The P2P economy is a market place economics that allow consumers to engage in monetized exchanges through peer to peer service. People market their excess resources in order to make maximum use of existing resources and adjust supply depending on the current demand. This economy is seen in peer to peer lodging sites like Airbnb […]

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Citi Connects with Asia Fintech Community to Upgrade Banking

Seeking to drive digital and mobile transformation in banking, Citi launched Citi Mobile Challenge Asia-Pacific. The Challenge is a call to Honk Kong and other Asia-Pacific fintech startups and developers to come up with innovative solutions that could improve banking operations, running globally on Citi’s digital platform. Citi Mobile Challenge Asia-Pacific Citi Mobile Challenge Asia-Pacific […]

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Blockchain for Title Insurance

Real Estate Disrupted With Blockchain For Title Insurance

The title fulfillment process is riddled with many inefficiencies and low-value production steps not to mention the quality checks. Thus, any cost and time saving incurred in title insurance can substantially benefit the real estate industry.  Using blockchain for title insurance has the potential to streamline the process upwards of 60%.  Thereby, reducing fixed costs […]

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Lenddo - FinTech

Lenddo’s Credit Risk Management and Verification App

Lenddo is a creditworthiness scoring platform that enables members to manage their financial reputation and gain access to financial services through their social networks. Targeting the emerging middle class, Lenddo aims to provide high quality credit risk and financial services to its customers by combining community-oriented financing tools with social network data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, […]

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Introduction to Blockchain Technology

How Blockchain Works And Possible Applications In Financial Services

Is Blockchain technology really going to change the world? Simply put, I believe it will offer a more secure mechanism to transact business in a less centralized way. A growing community of developers moving to open source code and the adoption by several tech giants is really making it possible for us to contemplate living […]

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