ICO Review: AMLT Token by Coinfirm – Making Compliance Simple

One of the major hurdles for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies has been governments and financial institutions concern regarding money laundering and terrorism funding. Investors are unable to access traditional banking as virtual currencies struggle to comply with regulations, especially the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (AML/CTF) regulations. (AMLT by Confirm) These regulations are vital to […]

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blockchain reputation system

A Peer 2 Peer Blockchain Reputation System For Travel

  The P2P economy is a market place economics that allow consumers to engage in monetized exchanges through peer to peer service. People market their excess resources in order to make maximum use of existing resources and adjust supply depending on the current demand. This economy is seen in peer to peer lodging sites like Airbnb […]

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blockchain for smart grid

Blockchain for Smart Grids Can Create A Decentralized Energy Marketplace

Overall electricity demand growth has remained limited to 1%, but it is very much expected that electricity rates will continue to rise due to increased investment demands in transmission infrastructure. This along with the latest innovation in smart metering devices, reduction in prices of renewable energy and storage systems are leading towards growth in a […]

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Introduction to Blockchain Technology

How Blockchain Works And Possible Applications In Financial Services

Is Blockchain technology really going to change the world? Simply put, I believe it will offer a more secure mechanism to transact business in a less centralized way. A growing community of developers moving to open source code and the adoption by several tech giants is really making it possible for us to contemplate living […]

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