How E-Commerce Giant Africa Internet Group is Transforming the Continent

Africa Internet Group (AIG) is connecting multiple services into one cohesive enterprise. Starting in 2012, the company began offering food ordering and online shopping in four African countries. Just 3 years later and the company now controls the e-commerce sector in 23 counties. Not only contented with online shopping and food orders, the company has […]

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Digital Consumer

Digital Consumers Are Driving E-commerce Growth In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is considered as one of the most attractive e-commerce markets in the world. The rate of digital adoption is unmatched by any other geography in the world. The population of 620 million in the region is culturally diverse and has a love for digital technology. It is estimated that only 25% of the […]

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What’s in store for the Payments Industry in 2016?

Technological advance coupled with a growing focus on customer security and convenience is changing the dynamics of payments industry globally. Be it money transfer through a Facebook message or even consolidating your bank transactions on your smartphone, rising use of digital transaction platforms to increased popularity of chip-based card transactions, we see a continuous chain […]

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