internet of things

The Internet of Things Opportunity Starts with Enterprise IOT Solutions

The Internet of Things is bringing new opportunities for businesses by creating new markets and a new economy. IOT providers have figured out that businesses not consumers are the new go to market strategy, and have set their targets on the more lucrative B2B model. So what is the most favorable strategy? IOT Solutions are […]

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How E-Commerce Giant Africa Internet Group is Transforming the Continent

Africa Internet Group (AIG) is connecting multiple services into one cohesive enterprise. Starting in 2012, the company began offering food ordering and online shopping in four African countries. Just 3 years later and the company now controls the e-commerce sector in 23 counties. Not only contented with online shopping and food orders, the company has […]

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Swapit App

Hong Kong’s Swapit App a Hyper-local Marketplace Solution – CEO Interview

Hong Kong’s Swapit App a Hyper-local Marketplace Solution – CEO Interview I first met Patrick Kosiol, CEO of Swapit, at Echelon Singapore 2015 in June. I found his concept interesting and decided to add him to my startup list to follow. Since then, I get regular updates on Swapit’s progress through the newsletter. Swapit is […]

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Digital Consumer

Digital Consumers Are Driving E-commerce Growth In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is considered as one of the most attractive e-commerce markets in the world. The rate of digital adoption is unmatched by any other geography in the world. The population of 620 million in the region is culturally diverse and has a love for digital technology. It is estimated that only 25% of the […]

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blockchain reputation system

A Peer 2 Peer Blockchain Reputation System For Travel

  The P2P economy is a market place economics that allow consumers to engage in monetized exchanges through peer to peer service. People market their excess resources in order to make maximum use of existing resources and adjust supply depending on the current demand. This economy is seen in peer to peer lodging sites like Airbnb […]

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blockchain for smart grid

Blockchain for Smart Grids Can Create A Decentralized Energy Marketplace

Overall electricity demand growth has remained limited to 1%, but it is very much expected that electricity rates will continue to rise due to increased investment demands in transmission infrastructure. This along with the latest innovation in smart metering devices, reduction in prices of renewable energy and storage systems are leading towards growth in a […]

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Programmtic Commerce

Programmatic Commerce –The Digital Future of Retail

Programmatic commerce is the next big thing in manufacturing, marketing and retail. The idea is simple enough, to automate purchases based on past history and recommendations set by the consumer. This idea has become popular as consumers get more comfortable sharing their personal data with assistants like Siri and Cortana. Gartner predicts that the internet […]

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Mobile App Economy 2016

The Mobile App Economy in 2016 – Downloads, Inventory, and Categories

  2015 marked a year of revolution in the mobile economy, with more than 600 million people purchasing their first smartphone. In the world we live in today people rely so much on smartphones for socializing, shopping, browsing, entertainment, and work while on the go.  In fact, by the end of 2016 more than 50% […]

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Aptiode Targets Southeast Asia

Aptoide Targets Southeast Asia’s High Growth Mobile App Market

Mobile app penetration in Southeast Asia is growing fast and companies are rushing to gain a foot hold in the lucrative app market.  One company based out of Portugal, has silently catapulted itself to be a contender in the android marketplace.  Aptoide is an app marketplace for app makers allowing its members to develop their […]

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Global Mobile App Development

How Global Mobile App Development is Evolving – Monetization & Challenges

While the APAC region is experiencing a slowdown on the backs of China’s decelerating economy, a growing consumer base with smartphone enabled devices is giving the region a much needed e-commerce boost. To gain a better understanding of the current global mobile app ecosystem and where monetization is heading, we should take a look at InMobi’s […]

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