UX Design

The Challenge – Create A Movie App

Design a movie app using Adobe XD. The challenge was to build the major sections of a multi-surface movie app.

  • Splash Screen & Landing Page – Design the splash screen and landing page.
  • Login – Design the login experience.
  • Home Screen – Design home screen include header and navigation.
  • Hamburger Menu -Design a hamburger menu for in-app navigation.
  • Browse Movies – Create a card for a movie and use component with repeat grid.
  • Video Player – Design video player experience.
  • Account Settings – Design account setting experience with user profile.
  • Search – Design search experience with search bar.

The Challenge – Create A Food Delivery App

Design a food delivery app using Adobe XD. The challenge was to build the major sections of a food delivery app.

  • Log In and Sign Up – Design a log in, sign up, and registration screen.
  • Home Screen – Design an engaging home screen layout.
  • Order History – Design a simple order history and order detail screen that snaps in and out.
  • Marketing Promotions – Design an experience to prioritize promotions.
  • Place Order – Design an experience with as few steps as possible.
  • Address Alert – Design a customer service experience for changing an address on current order.
  • Order Status – Design a way for customers to visualize order status and progress.
  • Delivery Map – Design a map experience for customers to view time for order to arrive, driver, and map.