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Meet Argentina’s Top Tech Startups – 2018 List

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The Argentinian economy is struggling to get out of the deep whole it’s in and it could take some time before the country gets back on its feet. This dismal state has paved the way for citizens to put on their entrepreneurial hat. The bright spot in Argentina is that the number of startups is on the rise. There is a lot of tech talent and innovation happening right now. Thanks to the government creating policies that acknowledge the importance of entrepreneurs to the Argentinian economy. In the capital Buenos Aires the government has launched a program called IncuBate that incubates startups , financial assistance, and gives them the support necessary to succeed.

I researched 400 of Argentina’s startups and was surprised at the diversity in sectors. Of the 400 startups I looked at 132 failed. Leaving 268 active startups. The quality of startups are much better hear than other Latin American countries. The tech talent along with innovative culture make Argentina a leading tech hub. Here is my list of some of the best startups in Argentina.

Mozio is building the ultimate city mobility app: one app to book public transit, shuttles, limos, taxis, express trains and express buses.

Tienda Nube and Nuvem Shop (in Brazil) is a SaaS startup born and headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with commercial offices in São Paulo, Brazil. It aims to provide a complete e-commerce platform for small retailers and entrepreneurs in Latin American markets.

WoowUp is a SaaS Customer retention marketing platform the helps retailers in Latin America to grow their revenue by improving their personalized communications with their customers to increase sales and maximize the value of each customer.

Ripio democratize access to financial services in emerging markets through the use of blockchain technology.

CuidaMiMascota connects pet sitters with pet owners who are looking where to leave their pets when they travel or just for the day. With CuidaMiMascota the pet stays in the home of a loving pet sitter under his same routine, decreasing his stress and separation anxiety. Our pet sitters, animal and pro animal rights people, get to make a little extra money doing something they love.

Zolvers is a marketplace that connects users  with a network of background checked, qualified people ready to help them at home. Users just need to post the task to be done and the algorithm matches the best zolver (handyman, cleaning person, plumber) for the job, based on location, preferences, hours and days.

Croma is an news analytics platform that helps news editors, journalists and audience managers make smarter decisions base on real time social distribution data.

Auth0 help enterprises to connect their applications, hosted on-premises, on the cloud or mobile with users wherever they are. Get the enterprise to use your software. Connect your app with Office365, Google Apps and Active Directory for Single Sign On

Technorides is changing the way technology moves. We’re disrupting transportation market by open providing technology to transportation companies to be able to compete and provide their services in the same way Uber does. is a real estate market place for Latam that provides insightful data to help users take better decisions.

Preo is a rewards program App for iOS and Android. We work in bars, restaurants, and coffee shops in Bogota, Colombia and Buenos Aires, Argentina with various redemption partners. The App allows users to earn points for purchases at any bar, restaurant, or coffee shop and redeem your points for food / drinks and special offers from any of our partner bars and restaurants.

Syrmo lets skaters track sessions trick by trick and get a 3D replay of the board’s movements. To create the ultimate experience, our mobile app helps skaters create, edit and share pro-style skate videos recorded with the phone’s camera.

Sinimanes is a renowned Argentine online delivery website that is looking to revolutionize the food ordering industry in Chile, and therefore Latin America. The user enters his address, chooses the restaurant, picks the food he wants, the restaurant receives the order and they deliver it normally.

Ideame is the only regional crowdfunding platform in Latin America, supporting individuals in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and USA Hispanic. Ideame is a, online marketplace that brings creators and consumers together to discover ideas and empower individuals. We provide creators resources, support and access to capital via crowdfunding.

Guarnic makes security companies more efficient by monitoring guard movement and generating automatic alerts in real time by gathering data from their cellphones. A couple of examples of alerts would be to not move for x period of time or failing to comply a route that was assigned

Wehaus offers an end-to-end Home Automation solution, that combines hardware and software over open standards allowing Telcos, ISPs, utilities and retailers to launch new value added services to their existing customer base.

Wuabi is a crowdfunding platform that links small and medium savers with Agribusiness holdings and cooperatives. Where they can learn about opportunities, choose the one they like the most and invest easily from the web with no minimum investment quota. We act as a marketplace and as a source of funding for the projects. We validate the companies and assets involved in every project we present, and we deliver the proper follow up to the investors.

Educatina offers high standards educational services using innovative technology to optimize student performance at home, school or at university. We are convinced that innovative technologies can help students to get motivated and self-guided when learning is presented in a gameified environment.

Papumba is a developer and publisher of Educational Games for mobile devices, designed for infants and preschool children to develop cognitively while playing with interactive applications all by themselves. Our vision is that children can learn through play and we encourage their imagination from colorful and immersive experiences.

Cliengo is a Chatbot that converts your visitors into leads, 24/7! We have a Multi-language Chatbot that simulates the behaviour of a real person to obtain website visitors contact data. It can be customized to your needs.95% of our customers at least doubled their conversion rate after installing the Chatbot. Our ChatBot handles the initial communication with your potential clients and you can then join the conversations and chat with your visitors through our platform!

Extendeal allows efficiency of the supply chain by incorporating solutions to eliminate Intermediaries, automate functions, optimize financial, logistics and inventory management costs to Promote a transparent and effective industry that generates quality products at competitive prices.

Turismocity is a travel search engine for Latin America and other Spanish speaking countries. Turismocity searches in hundreds of travel websites including hotels, airlines and online travel agents.

Afluenta is the leading P2P financial network for consumer loans in Latin America. Within our network, borrowers can access loans at rates [5-10%] lower than traditional channels, while our investors enjoy returns [15-20%] higher.

Putting the state of the economy aside, Argentina’s startup ecosystem is vibrant and growing. This tech hub is determined to help Argentina turn the corner and firmly plant itself as a stable economy. There is undoubtedly more innovation to come. Thanks to the networking events around Buenos Aires, there is a big community of entrepreneurs. Which creates an atmosphere of ideas to grow. E-commerce, Fintech, IOT and Cryptocurrency are strong verticals here creating a base for other startups to come and join. Other factors like implementation of specific tax breaks and incentives for entrepreneurs, corporations, and institutional investors make Argentina the perfect place to setup shop.